Business and Technology Consulting.

 There’s a dramatic shift happening in technology and business today and the law's changes daily –– away from in-house capabilities and solutions, to resources and innovation that come from outside an organization’s walls that changes the comfort zone.

 As a leader you need to understand, technology is business, and business is technology. It’s a cultural shift that needs to be adapted as well as a fundamental change in infrastructure and partnership. But taking an outside-in approach doesn’t mean turning your world upside down. If the proper plan and people are in place.

 You are the Owner, CEO, the decision maker in control. You have the added bonus of choosing to accept help from the outside with the speed and efficiency you could never achieve internally. Just ask for help. Sometimes as business owners and even as a CEO, we need to remove our cranium from our rectums, and take a breath of fresh air.

 First asses your current I.T provider and support. Talk to staff and make a list. Or bring in a third party, Ideally but rare, a professional that has owned a few businesses, can understand the feeling if you miss payroll or rent, some one who has been there, got the lesson. You need to ask the right questions. Not if you can work with them. Can they work with you. It is very costly to change providers. and some times just like a relationship, we need a third party to solve the issues, before the divorce.

 Similar, but not that different from referring a rugby game, you need to listen unbiassedly to both sides, everyone has their version of events, make a decision and get the game flowing. In business and technology the outcome must be a win win solution. Need to keep the owners and shareholders happy.

 If no solution can be reached, together we will make a plan then find a provider that will follow the direction of the company.

 Balance is business and technology playing by the same set of rules.

 Sometimes you just need an experienced business referee that has played the game.