The mission of Help Now Business Solutions is on rapid growth for your company, to sort out all organizational, operational, and strategic difficulties that might be facing the business. It can be understood as a holistic business advisory service, often bearing strong resemblance to traditional business and technical management consulting practices, but specifically bundled and affordable to fit small and medium sized organizations and budgets. The best lessons in business are very expensive. Utilize our team’s lessons to Help Now.

 The Help Now team is a diversified group of former business owners, looking to give back and share our education; we understand you have nurtured your business throughout the start-up phase (childhood) and provided all the necessary blood sweat and tears to stand on its own feet.

 However, while learning to stand on its own is a great entrepreneurial achievement, the walk through adolescence is often wobbly and filled with challenges, and the need for guidance is critical. As any parent knows, guiding a teenager through adolescence is perhaps the most trying period in that person’s life, as the adolescent gains a sense of self and identity. One major challenge facing most companies who operate on the verge between childhood and adolescence is that sooner or later, they get stuck in the trenches of day-to-day operations, and more often than not fail to incorporate long-term strategic planning in the development of the business. The company may lose track of its unique value proposition plus its identity during this phase.

 It is at this critical point in the business life cycle that change is evident, as the company is technically ready to spread its wings. Nonetheless, the journey towards sustained growth is far from over. Often it becomes necessary to receive advice and guidance from an experienced Business Architect. By means of years of experience, often in the form of “self-taught business intelligence”, business architects guide companies and share experience through adolescence and prepare them to enter adulthood, providing them with strong arms and legs, sound values and a clear mindset (strategy) for the future. In other words, while the founders taught their companies to stand and walk, a Help Now business architect will teach and educate companies to run by experience.